What You Need to Know About Decorative Wall Panels for Commercial Applications

Decorative wall panels are an accessible way of making commercial buildings more beautiful and enhancing their value. A well-chosen wall panel can make a commercial structure stand out, and with only a minimal expense.

Benefits of wall panels for commercial applications
Decorative wall panels such as those that mimic stone can be used for accent, but also for the entire structure, to change its look dramatically. What’s more, wall panels can be used to give a modern structure the appearance of an old building, thus increasing the chances of local authorities allowing constructions in town centres or other areas where they wish to preserve a heritage look.

Wall panels are lightweight. Their installation is easy when professionals handle it. Although they can look like stone, they weigh much less, and therefore don’t require any structural reinforcement. Sometimes they can even be installed by your own team.

Types of wall panels for commercial applications
Wall panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can also be customised by the purchaser. Here are some popular products sold by Australian manufacturers:

  • 3D wall panel textures including brown and black leather, grey leather tiles, wave, cubes, circles, triangles, squares, arabesque, driftwood, elephant, erosion, rhythm, sand. 3D textures come in hundreds of striking colours, from milky white to pitch black.
  • 3D wall panels that mimic brick are extremely varied. They can faithfully reproduce historic brick, contemporary brick, rustic brick, ledge brick, riverstone, stonewall, coral wall, granite, fieldstone, castle stone, and garden stone. All are available in several colours, so you can always find what you need.
  • 3D wall panels with creative textures can come as ellipses, vaults, gaps, sweeps, pitches, splashes, kites, craters, tetris, flows, pebbles, sands, and many others.

In addition to these, some decorative wall panel makers allow customers to place custom orders, choosing their own desired texture, based on a photo for example. Using latest generation processes, companies can replicate many patters and effects into 100% recyclable wall panels made from bagasse.

In the end, decorative wall panels, whether used indoors or outdoors, can prove to be an excellent investment for companies that want to make their structures stand out or blend in without doing major renovation, and without spending too much. Their lightness, quick installation, durability and resistance, easy removal, affordability compared to traditional construction materials, all make decorative wall panels a worthwhile investment.