Stonini 3D Wall Panels

Polymer based 3D panels from Stonini are manufactured from high quality acrylic resin and mineral additives. Once cured, the surface becomes extremely hard and durable while the whole panel maintains certain level of flexibility which can be useful during installation.

The standard dimensions are 1800 × 600 with each weighing approximately 14kg. Custom sizes are available upon request, and the thickness can be altered slightly if required.

Special finishes such as gilding, wax, sand, metal coating and textured paint can be applied on top of polymer based decorative wall panels providing easy way to customize every feature wall.

They can be painted easily with any water based-paint and sealed to allow easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply choose from wide selection of paint supplied by major manufacturers such as Dulux, Resene, Porters or Wattyl.

They are perfect product when high level of customisation is required including custom height and width, texture, patterns, colour and special finish. Stonini panels are handmade in Sydney Australia, minutes from the Sydney CBD, which enables designers and customers to easily specify and discuss their design requirements. The product is covered by 5 years warranty and free quotes are provided for custom projects.

Feature wall design 411 closeup  Corporate feature wall2 design 414  Corporate feature wall design 414

Feature wall design 2014 closeup Long feature wall 2 design 2014 Long feature wall design 2014

Feature wall design 2012 closeup Shop feature wall design 2012 Shop feature wall2 design 2012

Feature wall design 111 ivory closeup Black feature wall

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