What Customisations Are Available For Handmade Decorative Wall Panels?

Many manufacturers of decorative wall panels allow their customers to choose the design of the panel, the shape, and sometimes even the material. Apart from that, customers can further cut and reshape the panels once they receive them, according to their needs and the requirements of their project.

Size and Shape
Some standard decorative wall panel sizes are 2400×1200mm , 2700mmx1200mm and 1800mmx600mm. Companies selling them can cut them for you in the required size and shape. A rectangular panel can be made into a square one, or a round one, or even in a triangular one. Whatever the shape you want your panel to be, either the manufacturer or you will be usually able to cut it as needed.

Bagasse, a 100% recyclable material made from sugarcane stalks, is increasingly used for wall panels. Many companies also use medium density fibreboard, and some even use recycled glass. For the fibreboard, the original material is usually around 18mm thick, but after machining, it can become only 6mm thick. All the materials used tend to be light, safe to transport even over long distances, and easy to install.

Decorative wall panels are available in thousands of designs, depending on the company selling them. Most of these designs can be arranged in an either vertical or horizontal pattern. 3D designs are achieved through machining, and can replicate geometrical shapes such as spheres, cubes, waves, splashes, sand, and many more. The colours vary with the material used and with whether or not paint is applied. Customers can often paint wall panels that are not originally painted themselves to change or improve their look over the years.

Many decorative finishes are available for wall panels. Depending on the base material the appropriate paint should be used. Special finishes may include gilding, wax, glass beads, mica and glitter. Other finishes available are vinyl finish for a great visual appeal, polyurethane paint for a lustrous finish, metal finishes, wood finishes, and stone finishes. The last three finishes come in thousands of colours and varieties, and they can mimic the metal, wood, or stone perfectly, making them ideal not only for internal, but also external use.

custom metallic finish wall panels

In conclusion, handmade decorative wall panels come in many sizes, shapes, materials, and designs, and they can have a finish that perfectly matches the setting where you want to place them.